The 10 Best Gifts For The Copywriter In Your Life

What’s the worst thing about Christmas? Not the overplayed festive songs, or the fact that it’s been rammed down your throat since the 1st of November, if not earlier (I’m looking at you Brown Thomas, opening your Christmas shop in August).

No, the worst thing is trying to rack your brains to figure out what to buy people. There’s always one or two people on your list who you never know what to get for. You don’t want to get them something too generic because then they’ll think you didn’t put any thought into it. But all of the thought you have put into it has come up with diddly-squat.

Well, I’m here with some suggestions for what to get those people ... as long as they’re copywriters, because that’s the theme of my blog. *Shrugs*


(Side note: There are no affiliate links in this post, I just know the pain of not being able to find good gifts for people so wanted to do what I could to help. Plus all of these products are actually useful. So feel free to click on any links without worrying that you're making me money.)

1. Scarf

Image from  Litographs

Image from Litographs

‘A scarf?’ I hear you say. ‘That’s the kind of gift you buy someone when you’ve run out of ideas. There’s no thought in that.’

But hear me out. I’m not talking about any old scarf here. We’re not looking at a plain woolen scarf anyone could buy in Penneys (or Primark for my readers outside of Ireland).  I’m talking about a literary scarf. A scarf with your copywriter’s favourite book printed on it. Who wouldn’t be excited about that?

There are a few places that do these. My favourite would be Litographs (I personally have a Much Ado About Nothing scarf and a Jane Eyre poster from them, and I’m in love with both). Storiarts is another one (they also do fingerless gloves for the copywriter who gets a little chilly when they’re working, but still needs to be able to type).

2. Foot Hammock

Copywriters sit at a desk all day long, and that means one thing: stiff legs. Sometimes all they need in life is a good stretch, and wouldn't you love to be able to give them all they need in life?

Enter the foot hammock. It’s a mini hammock you attach under your desk so you can put your feet up and have a little stretch without actually having to get up. It’s genius, in my opinion, and anyone who works at a desk should have one.

I promise you the copywriter in your life will love you for it.

3. Wrist Exercise Ball

Legs aren’t the only body part that suffers from sitting at a desk all day. Typing away on a computer can cause havoc to a copywriter’s wrists as well.

Getting them something like this Powerball, which helps exercise the wrists and arms, means that they won’t suffer from any long lasting pain from sitting at a computer all day.

These egg-shaped balls are also great for keeping their wrists limber, and they act as a stress ball as well, so they can vent their frustrations about their writing while also exercising. Two gifts in one.

4. Noise-Cancelling Headphones

A lot of copywriters don’t work in a nice quiet office with plenty of ways to avoid noise. Mostly they work from home, and that can be a loud place. Right now, for example, I can hear the TV downstairs, which is pretty distracting (I think it's Pioneer Woman, so as well as being distracted, I'm hungry). Some people have kids or pets that are constantly making noise. Even some dear other halves don’t know when to shut up.

They can’t even escape to a cafe for relief from the noise, as they're also full of kids and chattering people, not to mention the music playing and the coffee machines themselves.

So anything that can help to drown out all of that is a blessing for copywriters. They can focus on the words in front of them and actually get some work done. Noise cancelling headphones are the perfect gift for the copywriter who just needs a little bit of peace and quiet.

5. A Shower Notebook

Image from  AquaNotes

Image from AquaNotes

We all know we get our best ideas in the shower, but by the time we get out of the shower, we’ve more than likely forgotten about it, and it’s such a waste of an idea.

The solution? A waterproof notebook you can stick to your shower wall and write all your ideas as soon as they come to you.

Never again will your copywriter friend kick themselves for forgetting that perfectly worded sentence that popped into their head while they were shampooing, or the perfect email subject line that slipped down the drain with their conditioner, and it will be all thanks to you and your wonderful gift-giving abilities.

6. A Mug

Not just any mug. A large mug.

The copywriter hyped up on coffee is a cliché for a reason. Copywriters do get through a lot of coffee (or tea) in a day. So having a good-sized and durable mug is going to save a lot of time getting up and down to make fresh cups.

Plus who doesn’t love a mug, especially if you can get one with a good pun on it?

7. A Mug Warmer

I know I just said copywriters would like to be saved the hassle of getting up to make multiple cups of coffee, but unfortunately the longer a cup of coffee lasts, the more likely that it’ll go cold.

So maybe give a USB powered mug warmer to go with their mug, to save that horrible moment when they go to take a sip and realise too late that it’s stone cold.

8. A Desk Calendar

This might sound boring, but a calendar is such a useful gift for a copywriter. They have a lot of deadlines to keep up with and it’s awkward to keep checking Google Calendar on their phones.

A desk calendar will sit right in front of them, reminding them what has to be done and when, so they’ll never have the stress of a forgotten deadline.

9. Writer’s Tears Whiskey

This gift works on a couple of levels.

First of all, it’s funny. Your copywriter has definitely been reduced to tears by the effort of writing at some point in their career, and they’re sure to be happy that someone in a distillery in Carlow understands their pain.

Secondly, all that crying means they sure as hell need a drink every now and again, and what’s a better drink than whiskey?

10. Chocolate

When all else fails, buy them chocolate. Everyone loves chocolate.


So there you go, ten of the perfect gifts to buy for the copywriter in your life this Christmas.

(They’ll probably do for non-copywriters as well, to be fair. Who couldn’t use a shower notebook and a bottle of whiskey?)

Happy Christmas xx